Compatible CB338EE (351XL)

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  • The CB338EE-351XL black remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge is perfect for all your printing needs.
  • It comes fully guaranteed to give you smooth printouts with well defined colours.
  • We can bring you your cartridges through fast royal mail delivery.
  • Rest assured that each cartridge will full capacity of ink non clogging ink.
  • The cartridges all have 17ml of high quality black ink.
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The CB338EE-351XL remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge can be used for your prints, no matter how many they are. Every time you use this cartridge, you will receive clear printouts. Each picture or document will be clean and inkblot free because this cartridge is non clogging. Now you can be sure that even if you can only print something when there is no more time, no malfunctions like clogged ink will hinder you. This 17ml ink is compatible with a number of different printers: the HP Officejet J5780, HP Officejet J5785, HP Deskjet C4200, HO Deskjet C4200, HP Deskjet D4263, HP Deskjet D4260, HP Deskjet D4268, HP Photosmart C4380, HP Photosmart C5240, HP Photosmart C5250, HP Photosmart C5283, HP Photosmart 5288, HP Photosmart C4205, and the HP Photosmart D5300.

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