Compatible XT05052 Combo - 6 Carttouche d'imprimante Compatible Pour Epson Imprimante

Compatible XT05052 Combo - 6 Cartouches compatibles est garanti pour fonctionner avec Epson Stylus Colour 660 avecune livraison rapide en France

Compatible XT05052 Combo - 6

  • COMBO DEAL. 3 x S020187 3 x S020191
  • Prix le plus bas garanti
  • un maximum d'encre dans la cartouche
  • Livraison rapide
  • Seulement encre à grand rendement utilisée qualité garantie
Special Price Prix15,00 €incl. VAT Regular Price Prix30,00 €incl. VAT

détails de la cartouche d'encre

Superior quality full capacity compatible XT05052 Combo - 6 printer ink cartridges. Our bestselling product is exclusively manufactures compatible inkjet cartridges, designed in state of the art facility specifically for photographic high quality printing. Impress at the office or in school with images produced with these printer cartridges adding extra depth and attitude to your photographs. With each fullcapacity filled to the brim with grade A ink, you can be confident to get the same quality for all of your printing needs. And also get a full one year no nonsense guarantee on your purchase.

The XT05052 Combo - 6 compatible inkjet cartridge will work on the Stylus Colour 440, Stylus Colour 460, Stylus Colour 640, Stylus Colour 670, Stylus Colour 660

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