Compatible HP 920XL M Carttouche d'imprimante Compatible Pour HP Imprimante

Compatible HP 920XL M Cartouches compatibles est garanti pour fonctionner avec HP Officejet 6500 wireless avecune livraison rapide en France

Compatible HP 920XL M

Imprimer environ 700 pages
  • HP 920XL M is a great Magenta remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge that offers the best shade of Magenta.
  • It is not only fully guaranteed to deliver a rich magenta colour it also offered for the lowest price.
  • Purchase this great HP 920XL M from us and we will even deliver it through our fast royal mail delivery.
  • The HP 920XL is always filled to full capacity of non-clogging ink.
  • Hence, it ensures that you get quality 14.5ml ink at a very modest price.
Prix7,00 €incl. VAT

détails de la cartouche d'encre

Change your standards for good quality printing by using no other than HP 920XL M. It delivers rich Magenta tones and pigments you can never find anywhere else assuring you top notch and quality print materials every time. It is all because each HP 920XL M is formulated, calibrated and tested in a high quality manufacturing facility to secure that each HP 920XL M has quality colours and images that's made to last. The HP 920XL M is even quite versatile. It was created to adjust to the hues on the screen to deliver the same kind of colour and image on paper, as well as blend with other colours and textures to truly replicate the original image on your computer screen. Enrich the printing quality of your images and texts by using the HP 920XL M and pairing with any of the following HP printers: HP Officejet 6500, HP Officejet 6000, HP Officejet 7000, HP Officejet 7500a, HP Officejet 6000 wireless, HP Officejet 6500 wireless.

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