Compatible HP 920XL C Carttouche d'imprimante Compatible Pour HP Imprimante

Compatible HP 920XL C Cartouches compatibles est garanti pour fonctionner avec HP Officejet 6500 wireless avecune livraison rapide en France

Compatible HP 920XL C

Imprimer environ 700 pages
  • The HP 920xl C is a Cyan remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge that fits anyone's printing needs.
  • It is not only affordable it also has with it a full 1 year no nonsense guarantee.
  • In fact, we even offer fast livraison sur la France.
  • Get yourself the HP920xl C and you will not only get Grade A ink but also quality ink that is filled to capacity.
  • Each cartridge actually has 14.5ml ink, which is the maximum capacity that the HP 920xl C can hold.
Prix7,00 €incl. VAT

détails de la cartouche d'encre

Experience only quality print material with HP 920xl C. HP 920xl C is single-coloured inkjet cartridge that is ideal for printing attractive and eye-catching coloured presentations, documents and texts. This quality is always consistent because HP 920xl ink cartridges are engineered in a manufacturing facility that has overtime developed great methods of testing and consistency to ensure that each Cyan ink cartridge meets customer expectation. You no longer have to worry about fading colours and ink clogging because with HP 920xl the brightness and hues of Cyan easily adapts to adjust and mix with other colours when needed. You can always depend on HP 920xl C to assure you that each vibrant blue and green tones on the screen can easily be reproduced on paper. Choose this reliable ink cartridge and pair it best with any of the following compatible HP printers: HP Officejet 6500, HP Officejet 6000, HP Officejet 7000, HP Officejet 7500a, HP Officejet 6000 wireless, HP Officejet 6500 wireless.

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