Compatible HP 11- C4838 Cyan Carttouche d'imprimante Compatible Pour HP Imprimante

Compatible HP 11- C4838 Cyan Cartouches compatibles est garanti pour fonctionner avec HP Officejet 9120 avecune livraison rapide en France

Compatible HP 11- C4838 Cyan

Imprimer environ 400 pages
  • The C4836 (11) remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge is an excellent cartridge for anyone that enjoys using Cyan.
  • It is offered at a lowest price and even has with it a full 1 year no nonsense guarantee.
  • With our fast livraison sur la France, we can even delivery your cartridges anywhere in the France.
  • This striking Cyan coloured inkjet cartridge is always made out of excellent Grade A ink materials.
  • It is even filled to its full capacity of 28ml.
Prix5,49 €incl. VAT

détails de la cartouche d'encre

With this excellent single coloured C4836 (11) inkjet cartridge, you never have to worry about printing high-impact colour presentations or documents. It delivers very rich Cyan colour mixes and blends well to create magnificent hues that make each image clear and crisp. The colours are mixed quite professionally which creates a more realistic and high quality images. This inkjet cartridge is undeniably reliable because it is manufactured in a facility that uses state of the art processes and methods to create the perfect blend of colours and materials for that perfect Cyan hue that doesn't fade easily on paper. With this Cyan C4836 (11) inkjet cartridge, you are certain that each printed image will always be as good as the last. Maximize your amazing Cyan C4836 (11) inkjet cartridge by using it with any of the following compatible HP printers: HP Colour Printer CP1700d, HP Business Inkjet 2600, HP Business Inkjet 2250TN, HP Colour Printer CP1700, HP Designjet 10PS, HP Business Inkjet 1100, HP Business Inkjet 2300, HP Business Inkjet 1000, HP Designjet 70, HP Business Inkjet 2280, HP Business Inkjet 2250, HP Business Inkjet 2280TN, HP Colour Printer CP1700PS, HP Designjet 20PS, HP Business Inkjet 1100D, HP Business Inkjet 1200, HP Business Inkjet 2800, HP Business Inkjet 2230, HP Business Inkjet 2200, HP Business Inkjet 2600DN, HP Designjet 100, HP Designjet 50PS, HP Business Inkjet 1100DTN, HP Officejet 9100, HP Designjet 110 Plus, HP Officejet pro K850, HP Officejet 9130, HP Officejet pro K850dn, HP Officejet 9110, HP Officejet K850, HP Officejet 9120.

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