Compatible C6658 no.58 Carttouche d'imprimante Compatible Pour HP Imprimante

Compatible C6658 no.58 Cartouches compatibles est garanti pour fonctionner avec HP PSC 4255 avecune livraison rapide en France

Compatible C6658 no.58

Imprimer environ 125 pages
  • Get vibrant and colourful texts and images with remanufactured C6658 58 Colour inkjet Cartridge.
  • It is offered at the lowest prices with a year full guarantee.
  • In addition to that, you can even get your cartridges anywhere by having it delivered through our fast livraison sur la France system.
  • Use our colour inkjet cartridge and experience for yourself the beauty that only top grade ink can provide.
  • Each cartridge is even sold at its maximum capacity of 18ml.
Prix14,00 €incl. VAT
  • Achetez-en 3 pour 13,95 € pièce et économisez 0%

détails de la cartouche d'encre

Use our non-clogging C6658 58 ink cartridge and you will never use any other colour ink cartridge ever again. With our quality ink that has been professionally manufactured and re-engineered to meet high standards of any person or business, each ink will certainly deliver vivid colours and exquisite blending of colours and mixtures. It even gives out really sharp, smooth and well blended colours and images as good as the original image. It is very ideal in any business or home user who expects consistently vibrant colours and pictures each time. For reliable and expert quality images, whether for work, school or personal use, always look for C668 58 ink cartridge. It is the perfect cartridge for your ad or any image printing needs. Get the best quality for your images by using any of the following compatible HP printers: HP Deskjet 450, HP Deskjet 5150, HP Deskjet 5550, HP Deskjet 5850, HP Deskjet 5600, HP Deskjet 5650, HP Deskjet 5655, HP Deskjet 9600, HP Deskjet 9650, HP Deskjet 5151, HP Deskjet 5551, HP Deskjet 5552, HP Deskjet 5652, HP Deskjet 3843, HP Officejet 4215, HP Officejet 6110, HP Officejet 4200, HP Officejet 4219, HP Officejet 4255, HP Officejet 4110, HP Dig Copier 410, HP PSC 1110, HP PSC 1110v, HP PSC 1300, HP PSC 2115, HP PSC 2170, HP PSC 2175, HP PSC 2410, HP PSC 1355, HP PSC 1310 Series, HP PSC 1311, HP PSC 1315, HP PSC 1350, HP PSC 2108, HP PSC 2179, HP PSC 1317, HP PSC 2210, HP PSC 2100 Series, HP PSC 4219, HP Photosmart 7150, HP Photosmart 7350, HP Photosmart 7550, HP Photosmart 7660, HP Photosmart 7760, HP Photosmart 7960, HP Photosmart 100, HP Photosmart 130, HP Photosmart 230, HP Photosmart 2410, HP Photosmart 245, HP Photosmart 2500, HP Photosmart 2510, HP Photosmart 7200, HP Photosmart 7260, HP Photosmart 7345, HP Photosmart 7400 Series, HP Photosmart 7450, HP Photosmart 7600, HP Photosmart 7700, HP Photosmart 7755, HP Photosmart 7762, HP Photosmart 7900, HP Photosmart P145, HP Photosmart P7150, HP Photosmart 145, HP Deskjet 3600, HP Deskjet 3620, HP Deskjet 3647, HP Deskjet 3840, HP Deskjet 3651, HP Deskjet 3653, HP PSC 4215, HP PSC 4255.

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